Monday, January 30, 2017

The Dream Team-Choosing the Right Vendors

You've dreamt of your big day almost your entire life! You envisioned everything from the fine stitching of your wedding dress on down to the filigree detail on the invitations. You know that Uncle John always chooses steak over chicken or fish b/c he doesn't consider either one real meat, and Aunt Betty is a born-again vegan who won't touch anything that has eyes. You even painfully planned out amongst your tribe of besties on who was going to sit where b/c you know that friend #3 still has a grudge on friend #6 from over 10 years ago!

All this is good in theory, but someone failed to mention just how important it is to select a dream team of people who can help you execute your dream wedding! DJ4U wrote a particularly insightful blog post to guide brides in this process, so we wanted to share this gem of wisdom with our readers!

Check it out! 5 Tips For Choosing your Vendor Dream Team

We know that dealing with several different vendors can be tedious, so we make planning a lot easier  by serving as a one-stop shop for all of your linen & décor needs! Visit I Do Events & our business partner; Create-A Scene to review a plethora of wedding photos!

Happy Planning!
The I Do Crew

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