Monday, March 6, 2017

Decisions, Decisions: Lap length vs Full Length

Some of our brides have been running into quite a conundrum lately! They're ahead of the game in their wedding planning, and it seems to be smooth sailing until everything seems to come to a halt! What seems to be tripping them up? Table linen lengths! To go long or short; that is the question. 

What about you? Are you running into the same issue? We want to keep you from pulling your hair out in frustration, so let us save you some stress, and your mane b/c let's face it; you'll need more than a few strands for that gorgeous coveted up-do! Below we wanted share some advice we found particularly helpful

Tip #1 Lap length is ideal for casual or outdoor weddings

Most brides mentioned on popular wedding planning sites such as Wedding Wire, and the Wedding Bee, that they preferred to use lap length linens for casual outdoor receptions so as to avoid their guests from tripping over them, and to prevent grass or mud stains. Seeing your guests trip out of their seats make for a funny photo-op, but you run the risk of ruining the ambiance & beauty of your wedding with anything longer.

Tip #2 Use Lap length with chair covers

Since the bottom of table legs will be exposed then make sure your chair covers (as pictured below) are completely covered so as to create or maintain a more formal & elegant look.

Tip #3 Full Length is ideal for more formal or inside weddings

If you want every angle of your reception to be photo-ready then full length is the best route! We offer 120" linens, which has a "drop" that stops right before hitting the floor (see photo below) depending on the venue's table dimensions. We also have longer ones (132"), which are best left for the head tables or specialty areas such as the cake table.

Tip #4 Determine Table Dimensions

In order to determine the best linen length you must know the table dimensions. 72" round tables are typically the largest, and can seat 10 people, so we usually advise our brides to order 132" linens as they are long enough to cover the legs of the table, but short enough for your guests to sit comfortably with no accidents. However; we suggest 120" linens or shorter for smaller tables.

Tip #5 Determine the theme

You don't have to limit yourself to lap length linens for outdoor receptions. You can have your wedding in the great outdoors, and still have a wedding oozing with class & style (see photo below)! If your reception is indoors, but you can't quite afford full length linens then lap length will work just fine as long as you have chair covers, table runners, and unique centerpieces!

Essentially, it all boils down to preference! You get to choose what length will go best with your color scheme & theme of your wedding! So now that you're equipped with those tips you can move forward with confidence toward finalizing the last d├ęcor details!

Happy Planning,
~The I Do Crew~