Friday, December 30, 2016

I Do's Top 10 Weddings from 2016

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#6 "The Bridal Box"

Ok, ok; this isn't necessarily a wedding, but we can't help but add it to the list! We are absolutely excited about our new product launch! These cute little boxes come to your doorstep once a month and are filled with cute and practical goodies to help you in your wedding planning! What's not to love!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

I Do's Top 10 Wedding from 2016

Speaking of glass plates; here's what's next on our Top 10!

#7 "Glass Beaded Chargers"
Photo by: Rachael Schirano Photography

Although the I Do Crew doesn't love hauling these beauties (lugging these take some serious muscles), they sure do love the statement they make in a room!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I Do's Top 10 Weddings from 2016

What's next on our Top 10 countdown...

#8 "Stylized Shoots"

Over the year; we've been honored with wonderful opportunities to collaborate with other Midwest vendors for various stylized shoots! This one made our coveted list because of the simplistic but impressive layering of antique and woodsy elements. Our favorite parts are the diamond glass plating, the pop of plum, and the personalized script on the mason jar, which serves as the perfect topper!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I Do's Top 10 Weddings from 2016

Continuing on with our Top 10 countdown...

#9 "Rich Reds"

Photo Credit: Erin B. Miller Photography
Location: Kickapoo Creek Winery

Bold burgundy, cranberry, scarlet and everything in between came in with a punch this fall. We've just purchased some new inventory to accommodate this color palette, so we're hoping it sticks around. Plus it's just soooo pretty! If you're planning for a fall wedding then this could easily be your secret weapon, and why; because it can be paired with just about anything from neutrals to other rich jewel tones.

Monday, December 26, 2016

I Do's Top 10 Weddings from 2016

It's that time of year again! Join us as we count down to the New Year to reveal our Top Ten Weddings from 2016!

#10-"All Things Gold"

Photo courtesy of Melissa Mata Photography

From gold linens to chiavari chairs, a huge trend this year has been all things GOLD, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down! A venue can be dripping from ceiling to floor in this regal hue, but when it's paired with a soft white and textured damask linens it shows off more of a regal look versus it being over the top! If metallics are part of your color scheme then consider the venue's architecture, and use it as an accent as shown at this wedding at the Pere Marquette.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cha-Ching- Part 2: Why DIY Might Cost More

While wedding season tends to die down during the Winter months, the engagement season is just getting started! Soon we'll be seeing posts of lucky couples "ringing" in the holidays with a whole new reason to celebrate! However; with a new ring comes great responsibility when dealing with wedding planning, and for those that have already got started: you know how much money it entails. Our team here at I DO already did an earlier post on how we can help you save money (click HERE), but we felt that we needed to do a part 2 to help you better strategize! Scroll down for further tips!

Tip #1: Transformation

You may be saving money on using linens already included in the venue package, but you may find them to be a weird off-color, dull, transparent, or has other wear & tear from previous events. Sure; you'll save a little more money with that option, but your wedding will more than likely look like a carbon copy of other events. Standout by renting higher quality linens that will better fit your color scheme!

Setup: Before Pic

Setup: After Pic

Tip #2: Quality

Speaking of quality; you may opt to save some bucks by purchasing from other lesser known sites, but you'll often find that the "hanger appeal" is more attractive and practical than it is in real life! Save yourself the frustration by renting from an esteemed company that have linens on hand, so you can see it in person. We offer free consultation for this reason. Book an appt either in Peoria, Champaign, and also the Quad Cities!

Tip #3: Shipping & Extras

Surprisingly; an average wedding uses as much as 200lbs of fabric, so  the weight can drastically increase the shipping cost, and sometimes it can even be more than the items themselves! Also; you must consider that things happen (ie; accidents or more guests show up than expected), so you always have to buffer your final counts or you run the risk of not having enough to complete the look. So while the base price may be cheaper the shipping may end up costing you more in the long run. Save yourself a freak out session on your big day by renting because our team is prepared for those unexpected last minute shortages!

Tip #4: Prep Work & Setup

Still not convinced to rent?! Purchased linens arrive in small compressed packaging, which means countless hours of ironing & rehanging. If you have a large wedding then you have to consider ways in which to best transport them. Plus; more often than not; you or your family will be responsible for the entire setup as most venues only provide that service with their own linens. After everything is over; you have to spend the extra time or money to tear them down yourself, launder them & get them ready to be resold! We can't tell you how many times we've had to deal with hardened gum, wax, and wine stains. If there's irreparable damage then forget about getting your money back! So save yourself a lot of sweat equity by just renting out your linens and décor items because in the end; you'll be glad you did!

Happy Planning,

The I Do Events Team

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cha-ching! How To Save Moolah While Wedding Planning

So you've been a Pinterest Fanatic lately since your engagement (admit it; we know you've been addicted even before now-wink, wink!). However; wedding dreams of grandiose décor often come with a hefty price tag that most people can't afford! So the big question is; how can you still have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank? The simple solution: by just being a bit more budget savvy. Here's some quick tips below:

Tip # 1: Book a package
If you're in love with certain décor details like the forever trendy; chiavari chair, or want the reception to be decked out in succulent linens like satin or sequins then you'll want to get more bang for your buck by selecting one of our Packages. Instead of paying per item the packages include select linens, centerpieces and other elements at a set price per guest, which allows you to shave off some excess expense!

Tip #2: Use a textured floor length linen for a big wow

While satin and sequins are beautiful; using them on every guest and head table can be costly, but that doesn't mean your wedding has to look dull! Choose a luxurious textured linen for your specialty tables to make a lasting impression! Sometimes less is more!

Tip #3: Book a venue that doesn’t require same night teardown
We get it; you want everything done on the same day so that you don't have to worry about it the next morning. While that's certainly ideal, that option costs more simply due to the staffing required and time limitations often set by the venue. So do your pocketbook a favor by electing to have your event torn down the next day! It can mean $100 in savings!!

Tip #4: Include a few extras in your counts

Image result for add
It happens; a few (or a lot) more guests decide to come through even though they never sent in their RSVP and plus one (how annoying)! However; you still want to make sure everyone has a place to sit, so it's best to factor in a buffer for your final guest count instead of coming out of pocket for last minute and unexpected expenses.

Tip #5: Follow us on social media for specials
Image result for social media
Who doesn't love discounts?! Following us on social media like Instagram or Facebook often means you'll be the first to find out about special deals that can be applied to certain products and services! A simple "like" and a follow can mean more savings in the long run!

Tip #6: DIY using our rental items
If you're doing almost everything yourself (setup and all), and have almost everything you need, but just need a little something extra to complete your look, then you can simply elect to rent out just a couple of our items instead of going out and buying items that are often hard to resell.

You can find more budget tips by following the link:

Happy Planning,

The I Do Events Team

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bridal Magazine Feature: Surprise Wedding!

Wedding planning can test your patience, and push you to your tipping point! You start off cool, calm and collected only to be burdened by the small stuff, and before you know it; bridezilla is birthed. So imagine getting engaged, and going into your entire wedding day completely blind to the details! Well that's exactly what newly weds; Tricia and John elected to do! They decided on a "Rustic-Glam" theme then let their wedding planner make all the final decisions right down to the color scheme!

Find out more about their unique love story, and their awesome wedding below:

Midwest bridal magazine; My Wedding.

Tricia & John's Story: When winning big in the lottery doesn't mean boat loads of cash, but meeting the love of your life!

Ribbon Backdrop, gold candlesticks, votives, and florals: Create A Scene

Wedding Details: When a self-proclaimed control freak lets go of the reins, and falls in love with every final detail!

Featured: Bouquets, headpieces, and pallet seating chart: Create A Scene
Napkins and White multi-cinch backdrop: I Do Events

First Reaction and pleasant surprises: When you say you want "Rustic Glam," and that's exactly what you get!

Featured: Closer view of Multi Cinch Backdrop: I Do Events
Gold Chiavari Chairs: Morton Rentals

Attention to Detail: Close up of guest tables

Featured: Gold bling runner and guava napkins: I Do Events
Florals and Centerpieces: Create A Scene

Venue: Waterhouse
Cocktail Table Linens and Cinch: I Do Events
Gold Centerpieces and Florals: Create A Scene

Could you let go of the reins, and let someone else do all the work? We just gave you a heart attack didn't we, lol. Sure; things could go totally wrong, but when you entrust in professionals to do the work, and allow them to work their magic then your big day could turn out to be even more than you imagine!

Happy Planning,

The I Do Events Team

Monday, November 14, 2016

Let us help you with Dinner...

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?! Let's face it; bringing a dish of cranberry sauce or dinner rolls to the party is a whole lot easier than getting your place all spiffy while being expected to provide the turkey with all the trimmings! While we can't do the housework for you we can certainly give you the tools necessary to help you make a lasting impression!

Featured: menu napkin fold, metallic pumpkin placeholders, and shabby chic charger plates.

You've dusted the china, spit shined the silver, and washed out your best wine glasses; now add some character to your table with different napkin fold styles, placeholders and charger plates.

Featured: Cranberry has been like the "It Girl" of the Color Wheel, so we decided to combine it with gold & crème crinkle linens to further accentuate an Autumn theme! Our Ruched Covers are great for older chairs that have taken a beating!

Plastic or paper table covers can cheapen the whole ambiance. Thanksgiving is a special occasion, and we know you want to wow your guests, so opt for quality table linens and chairs with lots of color & texture. Also; think outside the box, and experiment with different ways to cover your table!!

We know what you're thinking; this all looks pretty in theory, but you don't want to bother with trying to purchase all this stuff just for it to sit and collect dust the rest of the year! We've got you covered; you can rent our linens & centerpiece items just for the holidays! You can contact one of our locations for further information.

Happy Planning & Happy Thanksgiving!

The I Do Events Team

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ring the Bells: It's almost a New Year!!

At the stroke of Midnight...
the wine glasses clink, the ball drops, the firecrackers go off, and you're coated in confetti as you jump for joy & share sweet kisses to invite the New Year!!

When was the last time you've done something like that?! Have you ever? No worries; you're definitely not alone! Most of us spend the night sipping on cheap bubbly, fighting the Zs, rubbing our swollen bellies full of holiday leftovers, and fighting unsolicited affection from the overgenerous dog whose all too happy to give sloppy seconds

Maybe it's time to change that! How can you be a new you when you don't even bring in the New Year right?!

Come to the Par-A-Dice Hotel and Casino in East Peoria, IL for an unforgettable night full of grand views, delicious food, and awesome entertainment! Not convinced yet?! We've included some photos from the last couple years to jumpstart your excitement!!

Moulin Rouge/Paris Inspired Theme

Burlesque/Flapper Inspired Theme

Monday, November 7, 2016

Just a Taste of This & Just a Taste of That

So you got engaged to the love of your life! You've got your ring, your color scheme, and wedding date, but you soon find that that was the only easy part!!

You've been to all the expos, visited a number of venues, and quite frankly; you are already over it! We fully understand! When planning; sometimes it's best to just get a sneak preview then to try to do everything all at once. This is why I Do Events has partnered with Nelson's Catering, and other Midwest venues, to give you just a lil' taste of all our products and services!

Tastings are a great way to get a glimpse of how your big day could look. It's also a great opportunity to sneak in a date night with your fiance for a romantic night of good food & entertainment!

Check out some photos below for your viewing pleasure, and be sure to click on the provided links for more information on each vendor!

Happy Planning!

The I Do Events Team

*All Centerpieces at each tasting are provided by Create A Scene

  More of....City Center

Monday, October 24, 2016

Cinderella Draping

 Cinderella Draping

A lot of little girls had big plans for their dream wedding! It was as much about marrying the perfect guy as it was about dressing up like a princess for the day, but who says those fairy tale details have to be limited to the gown? Disney dreams of glamour can extend from the attire to the venue, and it's all thanks to the growing trend of  "Cinderella Draping." It's beauty is owed to the meticulous pinning of pearl brooches (or other bling) to white chiffon on specialty areas such as the head table & cake table. It may sound complicated, but Cinderella Draping is a labor of love that is definitely worth the outcome! Check out more photos below, and be sure to visit the listed venues for your review!

Happy Planning,

The I Do Events Team
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Monday, March 14, 2016

Tablescapes: The Art of Layering-Table Runners

Hello Brides and Wedding Planners,

Have you ever gone through scores of wedding photos, and got bored with the same monotonous view? Are you searching for ways to make you event elegant, but want to set it apart from other weddings? Our team here at I Do Events strive to add extra oomph to otherwise basic linens through the art of layering. 

We just received some new additions to our inventory, and instead of just showing them all by their lonesome we decided to have some fun, and layer it up for a more dynamic look! Please take a gander at our images, and check out how we created each one!

We decided to add our plum sash to augment the floral pattern found in the runner, which we think perfectly compliments the winery theme we often see during the summers!
Original view of floral table runner

We wanted to warm up this display by adding a second layer. The top layer is a guava color in organza, which gives it a nice watercolor look

Original view of silver table runner

We used the same silver satin table runner, but with the same sash exposing the satin side. The metallic hue with the rich jewel tone is very popular this year, and makes for a very classy look perfect for Winter or New Years Eve weddings!

We wanted to add a richness to this display, but we decide to add more dimension by building on the red table runner with different textures. We used a gold matte sash with a 4" red satin sash to show off a romantic theme!
Original view of red table runner
We paired two different size sashes with this navy runner to match the peacock table matt placed under the centerpiece. We thought this was an ideal choice for those that have multiple colors as their wedding theme!

Original View of navy table runner
We went with the same idea by playing with different sash sizes, but in a monochromatic look with various hues of soft pink perfect for a blushing bride

Original View of pink table runner

We hope you enjoyed the different ways you can dress up your table, and turn it from plain or drab to one that is dynamic and fab!
Happy Planning,
The I Do Events Team