Monday, April 17, 2017

Makeover Monday-Holdenrid Wedding at Holiday Inn

Who says Spring Weddings always have to be in pastels?! Buck tradition and be fearless by showing off your glam side! Our featured bride; Kim Holdenrid did just that, and absolutely nailed it with this stunning wedding at the Holiday Inn in East Peoria!

Tip: Distinguish your wedding with touches of personalized items such as the customized plating displayed at this head table. The shiny metal chargers and the sequin linens also gave it an instant elegance!

Tip: Double the bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces (flowers not yet pictured) so that you're not spending extra time & money trying to come up with a new design. Also; a cinched backdrop with uplighting is a perfect way to highlight everyone in the bridal party!

Tip: Your guests will need plenty of elbow room in order to dine & mingle comfortably. Try to resist the urge to take up precious real estate with random or overly grandiose décor. Work every piece with a purpose such as the bling framed table numbers, the silver mercury votives and the glass bowls featured above.

Tip: Consider a venue's architectural features while planning the décor. There's no way to work around a venue's carpeting, so it's best to work within it's color scheme instead of against it. This bride nailed it by pairing B&W striped runners against a neutral geometric carpet, which made the entire look appear seamless! 

Tip: Try not to box yourself in creatively. You & your beau may be donning crisp whites, but it doesn't mean that everything else has to be. Keep in mind; black chair covers are just as classy, and when it's adorned with a satin sash, it just oozes effortless sophistication!

Stay tuned for another featured favorite next week!

Happy Planning,
The I Do Crew

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wedding Wednesday Transformation: Cisco Center

Heavy rains took a break to let the sun out, temps are finally warming up to us, and even the flowers are starting to show their faces! Now that Spring is officially here; we wanted to come out of hibernation ourselves & share with you some of our first weddings of the season!

One of the things we stress while meeting with brides is that we can do as little or as much as possible. We love designing a wedding dripping in bling from top to bottom, but sometimes it's the simple & classic ones that speak volumes.

Seevers Wedding at The Cisco Community Center

Dusty blue & White with Gold Accents are great color pairings for a clean & classic theme, but are also ideal for transitional weddings that happen to fall in between seasons!

Organza overlays give off a light and airy feel, which is perfect for Spring Weddings! It can also provide a boost of color without overpowering the entire look!

Texture mixing is on trend this year, so don't be afraid to pair satin with organza as displayed in the photo. Why does this work? It creates an ombre type of affect, which provides a more dynamic appeal.

A complimentary pillow completely handcrafted from our recycled linens as our way of expressing our thanks to our lovely brides!

Bonus: You'll never guess what was hiding in one of the photos! Check out this Instagram post to make the discovery!

Why do we love this one so much: because it's not a traditional wedding venue, which is something to consider while you're weighing your options.

Happy Planning,
~The I Do Crew~

Monday, March 6, 2017

Decisions, Decisions: Lap length vs Full Length

Some of our brides have been running into quite a conundrum lately! They're ahead of the game in their wedding planning, and it seems to be smooth sailing until everything seems to come to a halt! What seems to be tripping them up? Table linen lengths! To go long or short; that is the question. 

What about you? Are you running into the same issue? We want to keep you from pulling your hair out in frustration, so let us save you some stress, and your mane b/c let's face it; you'll need more than a few strands for that gorgeous coveted up-do! Below we wanted share some advice we found particularly helpful

Tip #1 Lap length is ideal for casual or outdoor weddings

Most brides mentioned on popular wedding planning sites such as Wedding Wire, and the Wedding Bee, that they preferred to use lap length linens for casual outdoor receptions so as to avoid their guests from tripping over them, and to prevent grass or mud stains. Seeing your guests trip out of their seats make for a funny photo-op, but you run the risk of ruining the ambiance & beauty of your wedding with anything longer.

Tip #2 Use Lap length with chair covers

Since the bottom of table legs will be exposed then make sure your chair covers (as pictured below) are completely covered so as to create or maintain a more formal & elegant look.

Tip #3 Full Length is ideal for more formal or inside weddings

If you want every angle of your reception to be photo-ready then full length is the best route! We offer 120" linens, which has a "drop" that stops right before hitting the floor (see photo below) depending on the venue's table dimensions. We also have longer ones (132"), which are best left for the head tables or specialty areas such as the cake table.

Tip #4 Determine Table Dimensions

In order to determine the best linen length you must know the table dimensions. 72" round tables are typically the largest, and can seat 10 people, so we usually advise our brides to order 132" linens as they are long enough to cover the legs of the table, but short enough for your guests to sit comfortably with no accidents. However; we suggest 120" linens or shorter for smaller tables.

Tip #5 Determine the theme

You don't have to limit yourself to lap length linens for outdoor receptions. You can have your wedding in the great outdoors, and still have a wedding oozing with class & style (see photo below)! If your reception is indoors, but you can't quite afford full length linens then lap length will work just fine as long as you have chair covers, table runners, and unique centerpieces!

Essentially, it all boils down to preference! You get to choose what length will go best with your color scheme & theme of your wedding! So now that you're equipped with those tips you can move forward with confidence toward finalizing the last décor details!

Happy Planning,
~The I Do Crew~

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Bridal Box-What's Inside....

We just completed our last bridal expo of the season here in Champaign at the Elegant Bridal Expo, and we must say; it ended with an absolute bang! It was one of the busiest expos we've ever attended. We were even down to our last few business cards, and we honestly couldn't have asked for more! No one could turn the corner or enter a room without seeing at least one of our tablescapes and visual displays, and we are so pleased to find out that we've left such a lasting impression!
What's even more exciting is the growing excitement in our new Bridal Boxes! The brides absolutely gushed over our new product launch, so we wanted to take the time to explain what exactly it is & what to expect!

This will arrive right at your doorstep!
A 12 month recurring subscription is our best deal as it's only $49.99/mo, but the good thing about it is that you get to control how often you receive it. You have the option of subscribing for a 3, 6 or 9 month plan at varying price points! If the only thing you're committing to is your future husband as opposed to an additional monthly price tag then we understand! We guarantee that our Teaser or Happily Ever Package would be the best bet for you! 

What's inside: The first month could include anything from a planner, flower book, and other items while the month of your wedding could include anything from a wedding shower idea book, bachelorette party kit, customized jewelry for you & your bridal party to Mr & Mrs. luggage tags!
Check out our Instagram for more & stay tuned for more blog posts for customer faves like our Mr & Mrs Koozies!

If you don't want to lock yourself into a box (sorry; we love puns) then you can always still purchase our retail items individually by shopping at our online boutique; I Do Pretty Little Things

Keep in mind; our bridal box is not a box of random or pointless knickknacks. Every box for each month will have items hand-picked especially for you to help you with wherever you're at in your wedding planning process! Don't just wait until your big day to feel like a princess. Let us help you feel as special as you already are throughout the year with our new Bridal Box!

Happy Planning,

The I Do Crew

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Event Recap

We hate to brag, but since we're in the business of creating stunning visuals, we cherish every opportunity to show off some of our favorite work! Peek below for some lovely eye candy & feel free to click on any of the links for more vendor or photographer information!

Featured: ivory table linens with fruitwood chairs
Centerpieces provided by Create A Scene
Venue: Apostolic Christina Fellowship Hall
Photographer: Portraitlifestudio

Featured: dupioni silk linen, ruched chair covers, and rosette flower clips
Centerpieces: Double cone vase & greenery with luminarias provided by Create A Scene 

Featured: "Tying the Knot" Napkin style & shabby chic charger plates

Featured: Open Silk backdrops with pullbacks

Featured: Blush pink petal taffeta linens, silver silk napkins, metal charger plates, and #hashtag favor bottle opener
Centerpiece provided by Create A Scene

Featured: Sequin table linen and blush voile head table draping
Centerpieces: Gold trumpet & eclectic mix votives provided by Create A Scene
Photographer: vipbymarynicole

Featured: Silver pinchwheel table linen and ice chiavari chair
Centerpieces by Create A Scene
Photographer: vipbymarynicole

Featured: champagne sequin linen
Party favors provided by So Chic Events

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Dream Team-Choosing the Right Vendors

You've dreamt of your big day almost your entire life! You envisioned everything from the fine stitching of your wedding dress on down to the filigree detail on the invitations. You know that Uncle John always chooses steak over chicken or fish b/c he doesn't consider either one real meat, and Aunt Betty is a born-again vegan who won't touch anything that has eyes. You even painfully planned out amongst your tribe of besties on who was going to sit where b/c you know that friend #3 still has a grudge on friend #6 from over 10 years ago!

All this is good in theory, but someone failed to mention just how important it is to select a dream team of people who can help you execute your dream wedding! DJ4U wrote a particularly insightful blog post to guide brides in this process, so we wanted to share this gem of wisdom with our readers!

Check it out! 5 Tips For Choosing your Vendor Dream Team

We know that dealing with several different vendors can be tedious, so we make planning a lot easier  by serving as a one-stop shop for all of your linen & décor needs! Visit I Do Events & our business partner; Create-A Scene to review a plethora of wedding photos!

Happy Planning!
The I Do Crew

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Just what is it that you do?! Event Planners vs Event Stylists/Specialists

So we often get calls or inquiries from brides & other clients who see our company name and assume we do Wedding and Event Planning, and rightfully so, I mean; we are called "I Do Events," after all. However; while we are very much a part of the Wedding industry, we don't exactly plan your big day from beginning to end. Simply put; bridal shops get you pretty from head to toe, but we get your venue ready, so that it can look just as stunning as you! Well, almost because who can look better than the bride, right? :)

Wedding planners set up every last detail of your big day from selecting your venue to helping you choose the DJ, and much much more. We, on the other hand; pay attention to the décor details such as table linens, centerpieces, draping, and other smaller but very important details! In other words; they handle the operations, and we handle the aesthetics! Most people get it when we finally explain, but we found a couple articles to be particularly helpful with describing what we do.

If all else fails just remember our motto; "We Deliver, We Design, We Decorate, We Do it all!!

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Winter Office Hours- Champaign & Washington, IL

 Just a lil' sneak peak of our latest events! More oohs and aahs to follow on Instagram & Pinterest

Happy Planning,
The I Do Crew

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

We've got some surprises up our sleeve!

You just heard about our Bridal Box launch, but did you know that we have some other surprises up our sleeve? We've been cooking up a new look, website, an updated look-book, and much more! I think by now we've got you hooked!

Come check it out!!!

New Logo

Aww look; it's our logo all grown up-from haute pink to a sophisticated berry!

Bridal Purse
A lil' perk we offer our brides when they book a wedding with us!
Just think of it as sort of a sneak peak of what you'd get if you signed up for our Bridal Box!

New Look Book
These cute booklets just arrived a couple weeks ago, and we are just in love with them! Can't grab one? That's Ok, you can view all of our favorite weddings from 2016 & more on Instagram!

New Invitations
We 've added even more incentive for you to come give us a visit!
 We're not considered a one stop shop for your décor needs for no reason ;-)

New Products
View this product and more at our online boutique; idoprettylittlethings!

Monday, January 16, 2017

What's at your doorstep? Introducing The Bridal Box

What do you usually get when you open your mailbox? Utility bills, a random bill from a guy named; Bill, and worse yet; past due or last chance bills?! It's a wonder you even check your mailbox anymore!

Wouldn't it be nice to open up your door, or step up to your porch, to actually see a gift waiting for you? It'd be awesome, wouldn't it? Yeah, we thought so too! & just imagine getting a neat little surprise every month equipped with cute items to help you in your wedding planning process. Well, we have just the thing for you!

Introducing...The Bridal Box
It's a monthly subscription (3mos, 6mos, 9mos & 12mos) that comes with stylish but practical lil' goodies like party favors, bridal party gifts, place settings, etc to keep you excited for your big day!
Take a peak at the photos below to see some goodies inside...

Featured: Gold "Love" Cake Topper

Featured: Gold "Love" Bottle Opener

Featured: "Oh for Fox Sake" Coffee Mug

Featured: Emergency Clutch Kit & Feather Bottle Opener

Check out more on Instagram & come snag a Bridal Box today!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tis' the Season for Engagements & Bridal Expos

We know the holidays are over, but chances are; that tiny boxed gift nestled snuggly under the tree was a sweet engagement ring! The Winter months are prime time for proposals & wedding planning, so we here at I Do spend a lot of our time "hibernating" at Bridal Expos & Tastings!

You may find us in Peoria one day, and in Champaign the next, but this past weekend we decided to visit Effingham for the first time at the Keller Convention Center. We included some photos just in case you missed out!

Table Display (from left to right):Ivory Ruched Chair Cover with flower clips, Bride & Groom furniture, Ivory chair cover with rosette sash, Gold Chiavari chair with lace sleeve, ivory chair cover with thick satin knot, and cloud linen on display table

Featured: Pink satin linen with ivory cocktail cinch and lace overlay. It was an absolute fave at the expo!

Featured: Ivory Crush linen with gold cinch. Also showcasing our new photo albums. Check it out on Instagram!

Featured: Berry & Gold satin lines with ribbon cinch. Also showcasing our Love Trinket Dishes

Featured: Ruched Ivory Chair Cover with matching flower clips. Brides swooned over this new addition!

Featured: Stretch Ivory Chair Cover and ivory rosette sash style

Featured: Ivory chair cover with bow sash

In case you missed us; check out our New Bridal Boxes & other Pretty Little Things at our Online store before we arrive in a town near you!

Bonus Feature: A full chiffon backdrop with floral garland, perfect for a woodsy & elegant theme!

Next Bridal Expo: the Elegant Bridal Expo at the I Hotel in Champaign, IL