Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Just what is it that you do?! Event Planners vs Event Stylists/Specialists

So we often get calls or inquiries from brides & other clients who see our company name and assume we do Wedding and Event Planning, and rightfully so, I mean; we are called "I Do Events," after all. However; while we are very much a part of the Wedding industry, we don't exactly plan your big day from beginning to end. Simply put; bridal shops get you pretty from head to toe, but we get your venue ready, so that it can look just as stunning as you! Well, almost because who can look better than the bride, right? :)

Wedding planners set up every last detail of your big day from selecting your venue to helping you choose the DJ, and much much more. We, on the other hand; pay attention to the décor details such as table linens, centerpieces, draping, and other smaller but very important details! In other words; they handle the operations, and we handle the aesthetics! Most people get it when we finally explain, but we found a couple articles to be particularly helpful with describing what we do.

If all else fails just remember our motto; "We Deliver, We Design, We Decorate, We Do it all!!

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